Wednesday, 27 January 2010

sometimes glasgow feels like a black hole.......

did this drawing of a hawking yesterday, stephen to be precise. it felt like everything was closing in then but today is wonderful and vaguely sunny. roll on the endless scottish summer....
"We are just an advanced breed of monkeys on a minor planet of a very average star. But we can understand the universe. That makes us very special"   Stephen Hawking

Friday, 15 January 2010


i feel like crud today. totalo cruddo. heid thumping, nose drooling, snot factory me. much the same as everyone else no doubt so nae point moaning. onward and upwards.
sitting at home being 'creative'....working on my new favorite thing, dioramas!!! started messing about with all things miniature late last year but now have a solid project to get my teeth into with big mr mcwalter of distinctsignal fame. results will follow and be coming to a screen near you soon, if all goes to plan...
here are some ladies to brighten up a really pish-misreable day in weegland.

Thursday, 14 January 2010

backlogblog no.5

BATTLE ROYALE @GFT on friday night at 1045pm, another late night cult classic.
can't wait, hope to get the front row for ultra close gore. go see this on the big screen before it's memory is utterly abolished by the planned hollywood 2011 remake. i can't for the life of me understand how or why this would even be possible, but then, they will probably just cast Donny fucking Jepp and everyone will be happy as fuck and the original can be buried forever.
good night.
oh yeah, i found this 'love me tender' remake (if that's what you would call it) in a window of a newsagent on byres road a while back amongst a few other ads for flats and stuff. i like it for it's unabashed attitude and downright some good points too.
over and out.
tired as.

backlogblog no.4

another day, another dollar.
not really, just more unfinished drawings to keep working on.
big new plans for FOUNDSHOP@ivy, keep youse posted....closed for construction for the rest of january but will be back in february.

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

backlogblog no.3.....RIIIIICKY!!!

hello again, this is good this old blogging malarkey.
there was me thinking it was a total fucking waste of everyones time, but no, it really does mean something.
with that in mind.....
oi.oi. a picture of a dodgy old east end bloke in a swell golfing sweater (nothing on my collection of shit football hoodlum jumpers mate!) 
and a kinda crucifix doodle from sometime in the last few months. nice. but not finished.
no correlation whatsoever between these. just cos....
getting bored yet? i am.

backlogblog no.2

like everyone else at this time of the year, i too am lying about getting fit.
here are some awful old images from my keep-fit book collection which inspire me greatly.
keeping fit is fun and really good for you but the way it was depicted in the 70's and 80's leaves you feeling....well, just weird. or maybe it was just the people that were around then?
who knows.
let's get physical.

backlogblog no.1

last year sometime whilst using a mcdonalds toilet i found this baby's bib on the ground. 
i suddenly realised that for years they have been using stephen king's IT to sell burgers to kids.
for fuck's sake. creepy.
i hope i get in trouble for this because they really should for all the fat children having clown night terrors all around the world every night....
so i sat down outside and drew my own version, just in case they should ever get bored with freaky old ronald and need me to commission a new clown. it is pretty crappy but i really like clowns and will continue to work away at them until i get it right.

2010...a new begining.

hello and welcome to ifoundthisonthestreet blog thing.
i propose to use this forum as an image gallery of found things and drawings.
having been away from a laptop since new year here is a kinda backlogblog....