Tuesday, 9 March 2010

found@ivy.....c'est fin!

hello again, it has been so long.....so what? i hear you cry! busy times make busy boys or something like that...working on some new projects but alas.....
found@ivy has had to finish....and i would just like to take this opportunity to say a huge thanks to everyone who got involved, came to say hello, bought some things, talked shop and generally hungoot. massive shout to darren who has now gone on to pastures green doon londinium way, high5 to ma big gaybuilder buddy andy for without him it would not have happened (maybe in ma heid, but no in reality) and a mass cheers to the ever gorgeous karibear for manning (womaning) the space when i was away.....big shout to kenny, helen and ervin who continue to fly the flag doon the ivy, thanks for everything guys!!! the new space is like a mock-baroque brothel of a drinking den so check that out in the near future....
needless to say the shop will pop up again sometime soon and new site www.found-space.co.uk will become the new online shop for all yer goods. so, onwards and upwards, will keep you all posted as to when and where the next popupfound will be.....laters.

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